Home News 2-Strings; Another Banger from Soorebia Featuring Akan.

2-Strings; Another Banger from Soorebia Featuring Akan.

2-Strings is Soorebia’s newest song. The charismatic Soorebia, effortlessly takes his bars unto a beat that features Upper East’ most famous musical instrument, the 2-stringed Kologo. To make it more interesting, he features fellow rap monster Akan whose delivery and energy compliments Soorebia’s ingenuity on this song.As a hip-hop aficionado, the feeling of rejuvenation is in knowing that an enigmatic class of artistes truly understand the genre and seek to create a sound uniquely hip-hop, yet indigenous. 2-Strings by Soorebia & Akan is one such production; exuding an immense face of hip-hop made in Ghana, especially from the Upper East Regional capital, BolgatangaThe situation where most rappers are eagerly trying to sound American, gives rise to a fall in hip-hop diversity. So, whenever a talented rapper infuses elements of culture and his ethnicity, a sense of ownership & the reordering of a genre have been set in motion. And seems that’s what Soorebia set-out to achieve with Akan on 2-Strings.


Soorebia could win big with 2-Strings

2-Strings could mark the start of a new chapter for Soorebia who is currently doing his National service; after successfully completing his first degree at the University of Development studies. As a chapter, Soorebia has introduced a new sound which can potentially turn around the notion of what truly represents hip-hop made in Ghana. Secondly, he has also introduced his music to a new set of audience through Akan’s impeccable Twi flow. Finally, Soorebia is proving to be prolific in ingenuity, dope tunes as well as still on the course of establishing rap in Frafra as music worth international attention.


Soorebia recently featured on a song with Hi-life great’s like Pat Thomas for the HeforShe project by Gender Ministry of Ghana. He is undoubtedly at the top of the rap food-chain in the Upper East Region, with a solid team like BBT, his quest for nation-wide domination is closer than anyone could anticipate.


Listen & Download 2-Strings Below




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