3idiot-33-12x9Everyone who watched this movie might think 3 idiots is just a story of 3 engineering students,  but upon watching this movie again I realized 3 Idiots is not just a story of 3 engineering students but rather a story of every being that takes birth on this planet.
The movie presents the struggles of life that people have to face in their lives. The movie portrays how the human struggle for existence begins with the birth of a child. The child opens his eyes in the world to see the expectations floating in the eyes of his parents who want their children to become Engineers, Doctors, lawyers, Accountants, or some other officers, and glorify their family names. Parents are completely ignorant on whether their expectations are actually benefiting their children or adding to their mental pressure.
There is a scene in the movie, where Farhan says that the moment he was born, his father had announced that his son will become an engineer – Engineer Farhan Qureshi, B. Tech. Some parents pushes their children to choose what the children don’t like and make them forget or ignore their hobbies that could have become a great professions for them.
This happens with Farhan who wanted to be a wildlife photographer. He never did well in engineering but once he took up his hobby as his  profession, he never looked back and that established him new milestones of success.
On the other hand, Raju represents the class of children who under the burden of expectations of their parents start to fear failure. This ultimately kills their confidence and contribute to their failure. The fear of failure sometimes forces children to take extreme steps as it happens with Raju who tried  committing suicide. But once he regained  his confidence, he began to taste success in  endeavors.
Aamir Khan played the central character Phunshukh Wangdu who took the identity of Ranchoddas Syamaldas Chanchad, the son of rich, influential businessman, to further his studies. He does all the hard work and gets the grades and gathers knowledge, but the certificates and awards he gets are all picked up by the real Ranchoddas Syamaldas Chanchad, who was never good in studies. Hmmm! the irony of the poor as a good friend of mine Joe Bilbod will say.
bomanmainIn another scene, the director of the institute, who had already announced the career for his grandson/granddaughter while he/she was in his daughter’s womb, but later seemed convinced that a child should choose his or her career as per the interest. The cinema hall bursts into applause when he says holding his newly-born grandson, “jo banna hai ban (become whatever you want to become)”.
My question is, are parents enemies of their children? or they have their personal interests in forcing their children to do things they really wants them to do.
‘3 Idiots’ sends a message about the flaws in our parenting system especially when it comes to choosing career for their wards. We may not have realized, but it certainly the message is somewhere in the movie…”

Until parents like Farhan’s father and the director of the institute (VIRUS) learn to be like Rancho, who always believe in making his passion his profession, the journey to a happy and successful life, with excellent entrepreneurial skills would continue to be bleek. It all starts with a decision to desire for change. Live your life to the fullest. Be the hope of many. Be a problem solver. Refuse to be boxed into living your parents’ life. Your BIG dreams and ambitions for this life are achievable, but not when you are living the life for others.. Dare to be free!!!


Written By: Makafui Mk


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