Every African who has watched this movie (‘3 idiots’) will definitely smile and admit that this is a fantastic movie. There is no doubt that this movie has a moving story and one that will have a significant impact on you anytime you watch it. “I watched this movie for so many times but yesterday watching this movie again, I learned something I have never realised.”
“Rancho” is the lead character and constantly has problems with the educational system; something he believes produces only Machines. There is, however, one actor who loves the system; Chauver! He is the exact opposite of Rancho. Chauver is great at memorizing long definitions and long essays without bothering to know the meaning not to talk of how to apply them.” This meant that Chauver could only pass exams as an Engineering student but not fixing generators nor producing touch lights.3-idiots-05
Does that ring a bell? “do you know this movie has a message for Africans?…” Chauver in the movie comes from Africa, Uganda to be precise. Could the producers of this movie purposely made Chauver to originate from Africa to send a message across? What message would that be? Perhaps a representation of “the educational system in Africa where we heavily rely on bookish definitions but can hardly apply a thing. We are encouraged to memorise and produce during exams and we are certain to receive awards for that. Those who cannot learn by rote are left frustrated…” Chauver represents most students in most African learning institutions who are fixated only on churning out as the top of the class or attaining a certificate just by passing exams. “…’3 Idiots’ sent us a message about the flaws in our educational system. We may not have realised but it certainly gives us…” Until students in the likes of Chauver learn to be like Rancho, the journey to become their own bosses, with excellent entrepreneurial skills would be mostly unachievable. If you live in a country with lots of ‘Chauvers’ in your schools, then this is an opportunity to be a part of the revolution to change the educational system of your country for the best. It all starts with a decision to desire this change. Live your life to the fullest. Be the hope of many. Be a problem solver. Refuse to be boxed into being an employee all your life. Your BIG dreams and ambitions for this life are achievable, but not when you are the employee. Take definite steps to attain financial freedom. Dare to be free!

(Credit ~TKA)


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