The involvement of these people have indeed transmogrified the Showbiz industry of the unified Upper East region. It took patience, dedication and self submissive from these personalities to salvage the industry burning in the fury of the “Accra centered ” ignition.

They started from scratch and through many stages of metamorphosis hoping to leave a mark for posterity to feed on.

From the “Mad men” with headset;Djs, Artist Managers, event organizers,bloggers etc have also made tremendous impacts.

In no particular other bring to you seven distinguish faces that changed showbiz in Upper East.

1.Roger Laari. He is one of them who had entertainment at heart aside his official work. The Moab Holdings is the current lead manager of B-wayne. He has brought the artist to a very big height securing collaboration with the lies of Strongman and Maccasio. His involvement in event organizations cannot be overlooked.

2.Ibrahim Aziz(DJ Lexis) He is a journalist with Bolgatanga based A1 radio. He is the host of the Drive Time show with has given opportunity to so many artists in the region through radio air plays, live interview sessions also. He also an MC(Master of Ceremonies) and has ring mastered almost all major events in the region. He’s a toast master.

3.Joseph Nyaaba Bilbod another intellectual who has seen it all when it comes to artist management. He has managed undoubtedly the biggest artist from the region, Soorebia to reach higher heights. He’s the CEO of Harmattan Concepts of which is a part. Serving as an avenue promoting artist and Showbiz in general. He recently superintended #MadeInBolga festival headlined by Soorebia.

4.Apana Moses(DJ kI) it is difficult to point out an artist or any event that didn’t go through his aegis. From his days at Tanga Radio to currently Yem radio, he has provided the platform for many in the Showbiz industry. The host of Am Drive on Yem radio and an MC as well. A very wicked selector.

5.Kabu Isaac (Kabu Banks) A pacesetter. The first to bring rapper Medikal to perform in the region. He followed it up with Fancy Gadam. The CEO of One Love Youth Foundation. He continues to organize shows almost on each festive period. He’s the crowd puller.

6.Roy Lambert Fatawu. A great man with a kind heart. He’s the CEO of Roy Lamby Consult and DownTown Records. A record label that has given opportunity to many up and coming arts. He’s natured fast rising artist Cypid. He’s supported not only his people but welcomes all and sundry. He also supports many events in the region. He’s a humble gem.

7.Tony Ayelbis (Ayelbis Event) a master when it comes to event organization in Upper East. He has all the gadgets to set and light up any stage foe an event. He has natured so many young girls and boys to become top notch models. He’s the brain behind Miss Upper East a beauty pageant awarding beautiful ladies with brain. Hes a walking event encyclopedia.

Other Notable names included West Gee, Fire Blaze and Avinash.

8.West Gee he’s also an enviable figure in the industry. Kingping of WestSide entertainment under whose tutelage NambaWan and Skery are flourishing. A real pacesetter.

9:Avinash almost every artist have gone through his hands. A famous sound engineer. Hes the founder of Avinash entertainment of which Don Max Tilakou is under. At a point in time he had the recording studio in Bolgatanga. Many of nowadays producers learnt from him.

10: Fire Blaze Evans last on the list is Fire Blaze Evans. Founder of Fire Blaze Music and CEO of E base Africa. A platform promoting artists. He’s also a renowned sound engineer.

Disclaimer : This is the sole view of Joseph Dumolga a blogger but doesn’t represent entirely the view of Harmattan gh.



  1. That’s good but I think next time you should know that all these achievement didn’t happen within the twinkle of an eye, I was expecting to see some old pioneers but didn’t see. Better write up next time

  2. I had to read this because I wanted to know who these selfless people are, and its been very informative.
    But I think next time the editor should do the due diligence before putting out the story.
    Thank you.

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