Alleged Kidnappers;NambaWan, Gingsen begin Hashtag demanding justice-#Pray4TakeOva


Police details at Zuarungu a surburb in the Bolgatanga East constituency last week apprehended two suspects, Aboziah Dominic, 23 and David Apass 21, for allegedly Kidnapping a nine (9) year old boy.
Police report say the kidnapping happened at about 3:00pm Sunday evening at Duligu a surburb of Zuarungu, when the children where on their way home.
The two chased the children until one of them fell over and was picked into the bush. The community members who suspected some unusual activities in the bush, raised alarm prompting the suspects who bolted away leaving the victim behind.
They were subsequently arrested when the community members identified them.

However, some sympathizers have started a campaign on social media to demand just for the two especially David Apass who’s affectionately called “TakeOva”.
Key among the campaign crusaders are popular musicians NambaWan and Gingsen who took there Facebook pages to demand justice for “TakeOva”. The Hashtag used is #Pray4TakeOva.

That not said, Gingsen have distanced himself from any involvement but was demanding for a fair trial for a brother.
The two suspects are still in police custody awaiting their fate, whilst the social media campaign wages on.

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