Arts Exhibition Hits Wa.


The king of art in the upper west region Delay Yiribertoure Mathew known as Reign Art Gh is set to hit the upper west region with the first time Art exhibition to unveil talents, abilities and capabilities in the region.

The event is set to come off on the 23rd day of November 2019 which includes face painting, active interview, live interaction with the artist and his vision about his works(Reign Arts), photo-shoot, outside market, snacks among other activities would be witnessed.

This great art exhibition is set to take place in the Wa Regional Library as said earlier on 23rd November 2019 from 10am starting with auctioning with everyone’s entry starting at 11am.
Rate is cool Ghc.10.00 for adults and Ghc.1.00 for kids with face painting going for Ghc.1.00. The king of art entreats all to save at least Ghc.100.00 for an art work from our great artists on that day.
Speaking to the king of art by Harmattan Media, he outlined the need to hold such an event to be selling out the crafts of artists in the region and to sell the abilities and capabilities of young talents in art and pottery, works must be shown hence the exhibition. “It’s time we the artists is heard out by showing our works to the good people of the region, we have a lot to give out and the day is 23rd November 2019’’. He said, adding that everyone is invited to come and witnessed the event and also support our artist.

The entertainment and creative arts industry in the upper west experiences growth everyday as people like Reign Art Gh from the region brings out new ideas to unveil talents in the entertainment & creative arts industry. Arts and music on the rise.


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