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Avoid these things to have a tremendous yuletide with your dressmaker | Harmattan Gh

It’s that period of year again for Christians all over the globe to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. This is celebrated on Christmas day. Thereupon Christmas comes a new year with a fresh onslaught.

A lot goes into preparing for these hiatuses. A very key individual or profession that becomes very pertinent is the dressmakers.

In Africa, they are usually depicted by their inconsistency in dealing with customers, not being honest and more grandly incapable to fulfill scheduled deadlines.

In trying to apportion blames, even though we are quick to single out the tailor, sometimes the customers are also at fault. brings to you some stubs for you to follow that will make your Christmas nicely without stepping out with your treasured costume.

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First of all, spot your convenient sewer who knows you adequately. Someone who you’ve worked with before and presumably knows your measurements and can decipher if you’ve broadened or not. This makes understanding each other easier. But if you are utilizing a new seamstress, always look out for the one with more recommendations. You shouldn’t risk your money into an amateur. You should also avoid places where there’s too much burden on the tailor particular if it’s a one-man shop.

Be prudent enough to present quality fabrics to craft your costume. Remember you are not the only one patronizing the sewer. More prerogative will be given to those with quality materials than the inferior.

Also, be decisive to give your scheduled time. You shouldn’t depart without concurring on the day you need to come for your finished dress. While a day is agreed, randomly call the dressmaker to remind them. Make sure you get there on time with no excuses.

You should be prepared and able to pay for your expenses and work done. Tailors will need other materials to stitch and that’s money. It’s either you purchase them or they buy and you pay later. So you reach a consensus with that too. Make sure you pay your charges.

Taking some of these things into contemplation will go a long way to avert some unnecessary brawl between you and your dressmaker. Have a blast celebration.


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