In the wake of recent times, many fashion homes have sprang up in the country especially in the capital Accra and Awo’s Unisex Boutique  is no exception either.

Awo’s Unisex Boutique established by a great woman of vision and having a great love for fashion and designer apparels, saw the need to bring this to the doorstep of every individual regardless of class and status.

Over the years, designer’s clothes which were only known to be worn by special group of people, celebrities and well to do in society for special occasions or ceremonially. However, same cannot be said lately. Awo’s Unisex Boutique has defied the odds; by make it easier for everyone to have access to these designers’ clothes and products from various designers from France, Italy, Britain and America. They have set the pace by making it even more affordable and accessible for everybody.

Awo’s Unisex Boutique which officially rolled out in early 90s, has already made a name for itself ,they have within this period supplied over 10,000 designer shoes and bags, exquisite perfumery, Jewellery and men’s wear(shoes and slippers) and accessories all over the country. They pride themselves in quality products and ultimate customer satisfaction.

img-20161019-wa0032Awo’s Unisex Boutique has so far outdoored four outlets  since its inception , Based in Accra, specifically Dzorwulu, OSU, East Legon and Tesano  their collections have spread all over the country and beyond! Awo’s Unisex Boutique currently boasts of a near 10,000 social media following. Their online gallery is a glimpse to behold. Look them up on Facebook with the name tag Awo’s Unisex Boutique and on Instagram as @awosboutique.

For your latest, fashionable and trendy quality designer shoes and bags, exquisite perfumery, Jewellery and men’s wear (shoes and slippers) needs for all occasions, ranging from the weddings to the parties to the casual dates outfits, do not hesitate to hook up with Awo’s Unisex Boutique. They will definitely get you covered!

Order by Calling or Whatsappng  Awo’s Unisex Boutique on +233244649379 or by email on

Visit our out lets at

Dzorwulu:                   At Dzorwulu Junction

 Osu:                               Oxford Street

 East Legon                Opposite Errata Motors

 Tesano                        Abrantie Junction, Going Towards Kaneshie

                                                                         Below are some of their products

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img-20161019-wa0019 img-20161019-wa0027 img-20161019-wa0033 img-20161019-wa0034 img-20161019-wa0035 img-20161019-wa0037 img-20161019-wa0042 img-20161019-wa0046 img-20161019-wa0063 img-20161019-wa0072 img-20161019-wa0074 img-20161019-wa0077 img-20161020-wa0000




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