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B wayne vs Namba Wan, how to capitalize on the supposed “beef” | Harmattan Gh

In the industry of the show, any occurrences are contemplated staged but sometimes it goes beyond that to escalate emotions.

The act of taking on a brand or person unprofessionally due to differences is what we call in Africa “beef”. Don’t be mistaken, it isn’t the skeletal muscle meat from the cattle.

Several people, institutions and musicians normally ”beef” each other. In this article let’s talk about the latter with distinctive emphasis on two up and coming musicians in Upper East, Ghana.

Namba Wan and B Wayne are two separate artists from different camps and undoubtedly control lots of music fanatics. Friends until they decided to lyrically go at each other.


Many people are in wonder what really stimulated the lyrical skirmish between the two. It all began when B Wayne circulated a freestyle of which he gloated about his rap hegemony of which certain lines were supposedly directed to Namba Wan.

Watch B Wayne’s freestyle.

That was followed by a reply from Namba Wan in a freestyle he called the ”Beast”.

Watch the Beast freestyle.

This was where the battle got interesting and got people involved. With aficionados fueling from both sides.

B Wayne decided to drop another freestyle in response.

B Wayne 2nd freestyle.

Namba Wan 2nd freestyle.

That was how the two seem to have ended the ”beef” as can confirm that some influential ”Goalkeepers” spoke to them to a ceasefire.


Moving on, some little things were identified during the course of the battle.

Not many people were aware of the two rappers and are not very popular in the jurisdictions.

The two vied to fetch a thousand views. And that meant not many of the fans are active on social media. And if they really had impacts on the internet the numbers should have increased because fans from both sides will stream just to know what the freestyle entails.

The crusade someway made it susceptible for judgments and imperiled them about their prowess.

It’s December and they will be mounting arenas to perform even though they have their distinct events. Checks disclose they excluded each other when billing.

The only way they can capitalize on the beef is doing works professionally and keeping fans on suspense. Attention should also be given to digital media so all new projects can be diverted there because the fans will want to have a feel of anything going forward.

Showbiz critics, bloggers can all be pertained to get things set in motion.

Regarding their upcoming events, the numbers will increase if they decide to quickly put each other on the show or comes as surprised acts.


Both camps should understand the concept of show business and not take themes extremely intimate which will ultimately go down the streets and creating bureaus.


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