Babados of Bozawi Entertainment embarks on Campaign against Child Streetism


    There seem to be not enough action taken by successive governments to curb streetism among children in Ghana. Several people who matter in society have made numerous calls on governments and its agencies in a bid to curb this menace but yielded little results. Babados – a Hip Hop artiste and Record Executive of Bozawi Entertainment has decided to make a call from a slightly different angle- calling on parents to take the responsibility of taking good care of children. In a song that features songstress Ayillah, Xbabados tells a story about a 9-year-old Azumah who was taken to the city by her aunt but ended up on the streets of the city after she ran away from her aunt who rather than enrolling her in a good school, enslaved the poor little Azumah. In the song, children like Azumah who end up on the streets are as a result of irresponsible parenting, and thus makes a passionate plea to parents not to run away from their responsibility in child up bringing by giving them to friends and relatives who opt to take care of their children on their behalves. Download and Listen to ‘Hear my cry‘ below.


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