Ball-J, a pioneering member of defunct rap group Skillions and Executive Director of NuAfrika Records has come out clear this time regarding the state of affair between Him and Modern-day Ghanaian rap Godfather Sarkodie.

In a song titled ‘Broke and Stupid‘, Ball-J brings up when Sarkodie featured in his song ‘Poolside jam’ but refused to show up the video shoot back in 2016. You would recall Sarkodie’s controversial song ‘Bossy‘ that led to his beef with M.anifest? Yes, in that Sarkodie sent a subliminal punch to Ball-J with the line’ Broke n*ggas no da pet we Gadamit, wei they tryna put me on free i said it’. This was directed at Ball-J after Sarkodie demanded Ball-J to pay him before he appears in the video of ‘PoolSide Jam. Ball J responded with ‘You figure this out’ back in 2017.

The two rappers since then have been throwing cryptic shots at each. However, with Ball-J’s latest song, he minced no words by attacking Sarkodie’s financial Status and revisiting their earlier days where he produced beats for Sakodie for free. In Broke and Stupid, Ball-J raps .. I put Sarkodie on a song; I wanted a video as well. But whether he wanted it or not, you should know that as well. He was big back then, look his money could tell, but times have changed where is your money ? Do not tell me time will tell

This comes after a heated rap feud between Strongman and Medikal after the latter claimed he saved Ghana rap four years ago. Will Sarkodie reply to Ball-J openly in another diss song or will he as usual embed his diss messages in other conventions songs?

Stream ‘Broke and Stupid’ Below and be the judge


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