Home News Bolga: Butchers threaten to strike if the assembly forcefully evicts them

Bolga: Butchers threaten to strike if the assembly forcefully evicts them

Barely a week to the elapse of the ultimatum issued to the Bolgatanga Butchers Association by the Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly, it appears the Ghc1.2million ultra-modern abattoir will still gather dust for a long time.

The Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly under the aegis of Joseph Amiyuure Atura gave the end of January 2020 as the deadline for all butchers in the regional capital to move to Yorogo, the site of the new abattoir.

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In a letter sighted by, the Mce said the outstanding issue which is the training of trainers(TOT) was conducted for the butchers.

He also raised concerns about the dire consequences of the continues idleness if the facility. This he said, could lead to the blacklisting of the municipality from accessing donor funds for development.

Meanwhile, the butchers replied to the municipal assembly’s letter without date, maintaining they’re earlier stance. The butchers continue to ask for the cattle, goats and sheep’s market be moved close to the new abattoir.

This done, they say, will reduce their cost of operation considering the overhead cost of meat production.

In another twist of events, the secretary of the butchers association, Timbil Timothy said none of the butchers were trained on how to operate the facility.

He further stated that the assembly should adopt proper measures to resolve the issue and declared not working if the assembly forcefully evicts them.

”if fact what they are saying is not true. We met them and put across our grievances to them which has not addressed. The TOT they are talking about, no butcher was invited for that training. Those trained are not butchers…..they tried talking to those at the cattle market and they didn’t listen to them. If the assembly doesn’t want to be blacklisted then they should take proper measures to solve the problem. They shouldn’t just sit down and give an ultimatum. They have all the force to apply. You can force a donkey to the river but can’t force it to drink. If you force us to go there and we don’t operate ”he said.

He was speaking to Yem Radio based in Bolgatanga.


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