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Bows Beats Production Studio Hailed in Upper West Region.

Bows Production Studio

The Entertainment and creative arts industry in the upper west region gets better each and everyday as improvement in every sector of it is seen. Gone at the days where musicians have to travel to either Kumasi or Accra to get proper production Studio to do music has gradually come to an end as Sound engineers like Bows Beats does excellent Music production here in the upper west region.

Born Aakyiir Bede known much as Bows Beats is hailed by some musicians in the upper west region who has and still working with him for excellent and professional works, describing Bows Beats and his sound engineering work as best of it kind.

A delve into his work as a studio sound engineer, he plans a recording session with an artist or musician, setting up the required equipment, recording each instrument separately and then editing and mixing recorded tracks, enhancing the sound to achieve a high quality recording. Bows Beats also master the sound, which involves listening to the mixed tracks in a good acoustic environment and then works on the edited mix to refine and perfect the audio.

As a sound Engineer who has worked with almost all the musicians in the Upper West region both old and new including, Jah bone, Raphius Amingos now King Raph, Taaza Tailor , Gamebwoy Waaluu, Darlington, Infinity Gh and many more is a master engineer who strives to ensure consistency of sound across different playback formats and produces a master copy, which is a final, replicable, version of the track, and this has been the testimonies of some of the Musicians in the Upper West region who has worked with him.

Bows Beats started sound engineering in 2015 where he was the engineer at the then Ieper studio, as earlier stated,
He does master tracks, demos, mixtapes, jingles, voices overs, and many more, he was the man behind “Enkule nu” track by CTY ft Gamebwoy Waaluu which took over the region in 2016.

You want the best of Engineering works, Locate Bowz Beats Recording studio at Dobile Presby(Jendele),Right before Erisung fitting mechanic shop, with the help of a sign Post of Bowz Production studio.

As a professional sound engineer whose works is been hailed by many musicians, he is operating a sound engineering school of which admission forms are out and ready for anybody who wants to learn professional sound engineering at a cost of Ghc.10.00

He therefore urges all who are interested in becoming sound engineers to enroll into this 3-6 months course on proper sound engineering as he promised instant admission.

For further information, contact Bows Beats on :0207881832 / 0240393952.


Bows Beats Production Studio


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