The Nabdam District Security Committee has closed down the  Kongo Senior high school in the Upper East Region following a clash last night between Talensi and Gurune students.

The situation escalated this morning leading to the destruction of school property.

Some students were also injured in the clash

Even though the cause of the clash is immediately not known, the management of the school and the District Security have closed down the school indefinitely.

The Headmistress of the school, Gifty Ayamba spoke to Citi News said from all that she had gathered that the clash was based on ethnic tensions.

“From what I have picked up, it happens to be a tribal issue. Frafra students fighting Talensi but we are yet to get to the button of the clashes to find out the main reason behind this unrest but for now, it is a tribal issue. Last night the majority of those who were carried to the hospital I was told fainted they have been treated and discharged,” he said.

The stakeholders in the area after an emergency District Security Committee meeting decided to close down the school to ascertain the extent of damage and put in place safety measures before students will be recalled on July 30, 2019.



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