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Celebrated Female Personalities from the Upper West Region of Ghana All over the world and especially Sub-Saharan Africa, women remain marginalized in almost all sects of the society except roles that society have defined for them. They remain underrepresented, unheard and less celebrated except for mother’s day. However, women’s contribution to society far exceeds what the society acknowledges and give credit for. In Northern Ghana, their situation is not different; from customary rights to rights of ownership, women are maligned and relegated to the kitchen and raising children. A situation that is slowly changing due to the hard work of Non-Governmental Organizations and other Religious bodies. .....see full list list on harmattangh.com
It's that period of year again for Christians all over the globe to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. This is celebrated on Christmas day. Thereupon Christmas comes a new year with a fresh onslaught.
The 7-year-old scion won the Ashford & Simpson Songwriter’s Award for co-writing her mom’s track “Brown Skin Girl,” a musical celebration of dark- and brown-skinned women......
The CEO of “Legendary Music” (LM) Nana Kwadwo Kelvin Salia Danumbo known as Aztonish in the music scene has expressed his displeasure on how Wiyaala was neglected by bloggers, Radio Presenters and industry players after...
The king of art in the upper west region Delay Yiribertoure Mathew known as Reign Art Gh is set to hit the upper west region with the first time Art exhibition to unveil talents, abilities and capabilities in the region......

Ekua wins GMB 2019.

The Ghana's most beautiful competition on TV3 saw its grand finale yesterday 10th November,2019 and Ekua from the central region of the 16 regions of Ghana emerged winner.
Wondering who Nana Akua Addo is? Well she's an award winning fashion goddess who slays in every way. She was the host of Afrima 2017 red carpet in Lagos.
Some religions frown upon masturbation and and sex without marriage. Aside that, many health care practitioners have came out to state the health benefits of the act. Masturbation is the stimulation of one's...
When a group of teenagers try to make sense of the world and work out better means to live, they are faced with life's difficult challenges of survival, social standing and diversity. From Northside TV series production comes the Northside:...
Rapper Kanye West surprised his Manager John Monopoly Wednesday night with a Brand new Lamborghini SUV. A customized fresh 2019 Lambo is definitely the height of all birthday surprises.
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