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BrytBoi- Coronavirus :Prod. by QobrahBeats

Music they say is a language and its more Understanding when the musician uses it to address current happenings. BrytBoi of Idea Music has sent a very important and sensitive information to the whole world on the Pandemic , Coronavirus: what did he tell the World? Listen up and Download.

Typanza “Y3 Gy3” ft Best Gally: Prod.By Gally Beats.

The Front Liner of "On De Mic Muzik" Typanza has this time teamed up with the Wisdom Boss Best Gally of Wisdom Muzik on a project, the outcome he dubbed it "y3 gy3" after his "Tybae" track got massive feedback......Listen Up and Download.

Sherry Namare : Naamwini Somang

Sherry Namare at the biggining of the year released her first single out the the "Naamwini Somang" Album dubbed "My year of Open Door" This minister of grace has released yet another powerful Song dubbed "Naamwine Somang"(God is Good ) as the second track of the Album which covers the official name of the album made up of 9 songs.

Fad Lan sends special greetings to ReezyBwoy, Best Gally and Wiz-Maleek while jamming on ReezyBwoy’s Gheto Vibe song .

Fad Lan who is prepared to hit Tamale with his anticipated album "Life Too Short" on 14th March 2020 sends a warm shout to Reezy Bwoy, Wiz Maleek, Best Gally after he was asked his plans for Upper West by Bra Ike Gh adding that he loves these three Musicians from Upper West full story here on

Download “Angaa-Mwini” Album -Sambwoy Musiq.

Download full tracks of the "Angaa-Mwini" Album by Sambwoy of Sambwoy Musiq .The album Launch had a massive turn-out at the Wa In-Service Training on the 6th Of March 2020 and below are the tracks, listen up and Download.

Mammoth crowd as Sambwoy delivers on his promise.

Buoyed up by the top quality crowd, Sambwoy made a massive appearance neatly dressed in an elegant costume by FashionKing of Fashion House and from his opening to his very last delivery, he did not miss a beat. From what is fast becoming his signature mannerisms to his stage presence, Sambwoy was in his monster elements. The 2018 PRUMAS new artist of the year owned the night as he entertained hundreds of enthusiasts who thronged the venue to witness an outstanding talent and performance. The Mangu born artist delivered the performance of his full story here on

Wiz-Maleek Sisey mobile Zone: Qobrah Beatz

All you need to know about Sisey mobile Zone is captured in a very good song made simple and understandable.....Listen up and Download.

I see a brighter future in the upper west music industy-PM Lexiz

Speaking positive about upper west music industry seem to have been scarce for a number of years now, Eretoume Alexis showbiz-wise known as PM Lexiz has said there is a brighter future for young and talented musicians in the upper west region despite the many attacks and misunderstanding among musicians and industry players in the upper west region.

[Audio +Video] MadBeatz Trap ft Stunner Gh

Mad beats a professional Sound Engineer in Upper west Region has beautifully featured Stunner Gh on a track produced by himself titled Trap.MadBeats has drop both audio +video, listen up, watch and download.

Sambwoy -Mangana ft Teflon Flexx Qobra Beatz

Even as we are left with few days into 6th March 2020 which is the biggest day in Ghana and Supper Bigger in Upper West Region because of the "Angaamwine" Album by Team "Angaamwine" sphereheaded by Sambwoy of Sambwoy Music, the telented Rapper has dropped the 10th Track of the Anticipated Album featuring the "Eskebelebe" hitmaker Teflon and have a feel.

B.OB Milliar Ft Stunner Gh -Plus one(+1) Ferdiskillz

We all are aware B.OB Milliar dont usually drops but anytime he drops, the track is always up to standard with everyone jamming to it, His "Koose is an example ft El Twist Dagara The "koosee" hitmaker B.OB_Milliar has this time featured Stunner Gh and the track is dubbed Plus one (+1) listen up and download

Fad Lan’s “Life Too Short” Album Launch Takes a unique standard.

Fad Lan, a Tamale based Rapper who is fast growing in Northern Ghana and Beyond is set to Launch an Album dubbed "Life is too Short" which takes a unique standard of introducing Table of Reservation which Happens to be first of it kind in the history of music in Northern full story here on
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