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Celebrated Female Personalities -UWR.

Celebrated Female Personalities from the Upper West Region of Ghana
All over the world and especially Sub-Saharan Africa, women remain marginalized in almost all sects of the society except roles that society have defined for them. They remain underrepresented, unheard and less celebrated except for mother’s day. However, women’s contribution to society far exceeds what the society acknowledges and give credit for.
In Northern Ghana, their situation is not different; from customary rights to rights of ownership, women are maligned and relegated to the kitchen and raising children. A situation that is slowly changing due to the hard work of Non-Governmental Organizations and other Religious bodies.
In Northern Ghana, this season is a time for thanksgiving. Chiefdoms and family engage in all kinds of celebrations to give Thanks to the creator for having given them good health and bumper harvest. As usual, the hardworking women who toil in the farms, throughout the agricultural chain of food production, are left to brew pito and prepare assorted foods for the ‘gallant men’ of the land.
As a media company that is dedicated to providing credible information to the public as education, entertainment among others, we decided to pick the Upper West Region of Ghana and shine light on the industrious, creative women of the land who are making greater impact on larger society. We give special attention to women who have challenged the status quo despite all odds and are celebrated across the country and beyond.
The list includes but not limited to Radio/Television personalities, Sports personalities, Politicians, Entertainers, and Business Women.

A list of 20 females worth celebrating drops soon followed by males .



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