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up close with ‘Captain Wayne’…….A rising star

                  Born Bismark sombilla but B-wayne as we all know him is an afrobeat, Afropop,urban musician who hails from the upper East region but is gradually becoming a force to recon with in the Ghana music industry, B-wayne is the last of three boys born by his parents,i guess that is one reason why he tends to produce records that sound more mature than his age, the young lad makes use of all he learnt from his older siblings growing up in his music and to think that his entire family has his back as far as music is concerned only gives the young lad more courage to charge forward.

B-wayne grew up in the northern part of Ghana,Bolgatanga to be precise but did most of his schooling in the southern part of Ghana which explains his command over languages that are quite alien to his kinsmen.His versatility in both language and music styles has been a very important factor in his career that will one day put him among ‘LA creme’ of the Music Industry in Ghana and beyond,as a matter of facts that success is already in sight  considering all that he has achieved and yet to achieve in his young but promising career as he was awarded the frafra pop song of the year in the maiden edition of the upper East music awards (UEMA) in 2015 with his banger ‘tumanuu’ which bought him the street credibility he has enjoyed and still is enjoying, as if that wasn’t enough this young lad Went ahead to tamale and brought home an award for the most popular song of the year at the Northern Entertainment Awards(NEA)2016 with a song that has been on the hearts of the good people of Bolgatanga until this day,’one day’, to prove he is here to stay B-wayne summoned all the names that matter in the Bolgatanga Music Industry onto a single stage to create a concert he dubbed the ‘Bakanborke’ concert in 2017 and until now we have people talking about that concert because of the massive turn out.
It is raining nominations in the camp of ‘Captain Wayne’ as he is referred to by the Bakanborke natives, as he is nominated in four categories in the up coming Upper East region music awards (UEMA) 2018 and B-wayne is confident that in the end he will be awarded:
*artiste of the year
*best rapper of the year
*afropop song of the year
*music video of the year
And then proceed once again to tamale and bring home all five awards out of five nominations at this year’s Northern Entertainment Awards(NEA) and we at are quite confident captain Wayne is totally up to the task, we could have told you about how open to features captain Wayne is and how many joints have become hits just for the fact that it hard B-wayne on it but this is all time will permit us talk about and more to the point we don’t want to bore you because Captain Wayne has a really long resume.
So we wish B-wayne luck and urge you all to vote for captain Wayne to help him bring those plaques home but still keep an ear out for the next banger ‘Yinemi’ from the Bakanborke camp…….


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