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DJ Anada Comended for his Professionalism


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The Entertainment and Creative Arts industry in the upper west region keeps unveiling talents each and everyday. while some are growing their crafts, others are building themselves everyday in what they do best. Some others are rebranding everyday, few others are joining the table of professionals in their fields of Work.

Abdul-Rahaman Abdul-Hakeem know much as DJ Anada has got many talking about him with his excellent and professional DJing skills he put at the Wa Naa Album lunch inside the Adonis Cinema hall in Wa municipality.

DJ Anada is a radio DJ and works with Radio Waa in the regional capital of the Upper West Region. He also doubles up as a Mobile Dj, an event Dj and an official DJ for some record labels and artist here in the upper west region.

DJ Anada yesterday,14th February 2020 at the Adonis Cenima hall marked one of his best displays as a professional DJ so far. He was billed as one of the official DJs for the night and he indeed displayed his talent and creativity in a way that got tongues waxing lyrically about his performance. He carried his art in a way that made it almost impossible for one to remain seated anytime he took his turn on the turntable. What’s more? he came with loads of passion and excitement and he flowed seamlessly with the artists he performed with.

The Event which got covered by saw the The pundit for Entertainment Hub on GBC – Radio Upper West Hosted by Ike, who was at the event took to Radio congratulating him for such a wonderful performance.

Abdul- Rauf Samari confessed that was his first time of seeing such a massive performance of a DJ in the region further adding that DJ Anada would take over the world in few years to come.

It was in this same vein that Abdul Ganiu Khalid, the Producer of Entertainment Hub, spoke about Anada on GBC RUWs E-Hub when he as usual made an appearance to discuss the week’s trending entertainment stories.

He stated that DJ anada is a ball of talent and professionalism rolling towards perfection if only he can just focus on the road and nothing else. He also added that soon enough he can successfully organize his own shows since he brings as much excitement and joy as most of the big artist if not even more to the teaming music fans.

He finally advised DJ Anada who has made everyone proud not to relax but rather learn more on the job and to keep pushing and perfecting his craft, and in few years, he will take over the world and cause everyone to witness his performances on a mix.

Watch below

E-Hub Radio Session

DJ Anada


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