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UW/R: Dj Cupid subtly replies Musiga, says he only selects ”good music” for his playlist

Abiereba Jonah with stage name DJ Cupid the most branded DJ has finally responded to Musiga Allegation on him refusing to play upper west music on an event he was the official DJ.

DJ Cupid later this after in an interview with said the Upper West Regional Musiga should tell musicians in the region to do music that qualify to his and other Djs playlist so as to help him play it at his functions.

DJ Cupid when asked what he meant by the statement, he said “First of all let me state that good music is relative,
A song can both be good and bad depending on who is listening.
So in short good music is one that is good to the listener. One must therefore have a target group before he produces a song”
He threw a question to Musiga that How many upper west arts really do what he defines as good music? He added that they should take their time to study the terrain of music and make a target group before they produce a song.

DJ Cupid said Some songs are good for club and if any musicians want to hear their songs at the club, they should produce those songs, adding to his difinition of good music, he said “one important thing is that my own definition of good music is the one that my listeners enjoy, So I’m not saying that upper westerners don’t produce good music, They do, but mostly, my listeners dont enjoy most of the songs they do”

Talking about branding and DJ Cupid’s Brand, he said Brand is a strange thing and the root of it depends on one’s goals and aspirations, he said his aim is to be one of the best and renown Djs in Ghana and Africa as a whole .

About the allegations leveled against him, he said he didn’t refuse to play Upper West Music, “I study the crowd and prepare a playlist that will get them carried along throughout the event, I give no room to make anyone bored as far as I am playing, Again how do I do this, I play exactly what they expect to hear or what they enjoy, I had no intentions to let anyone leave the event hall”

He finally concluded the interview by saying his brand is beyond upper west music because he don’t just concentrate on playing what upper westerners produce, he plays good music, So any song from upper west that qualify to be a good song by criteria at an event will be played, If none qualifies, he wont force to play it.

DJ. Cupid


  1. It’s purely deliberate disrespect to the region musiga.
    How did you know non of the audience would expect upper West music.
    At least 3 or 4 songs could be played

  2. I think he is right though that’s his mind and that doesn’t mean upper west artist don’t produced good music. No DJ will be in a function and be playing songs that his audience are not enjoying.


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