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Doris Pride Pen Emotional Letter To Women.


Don’t be jealous! Get close to that person and ask questions on how to do it and improve on your own skills.

Don’t be a cheap gossip! Be an expensive gossip. Get a gossip blog, be on the front page of gossip magazines as someone who is using her gossip skills to impact lives positively.

Don’t remain in the kitchen as a duty! Use the kitchen to make money. Open a restaurant and cook for money.

Don’t drink from bar to bar for the fun of it. Open an off license for a start or own a club where you can drink and dance as you want and still make some cash from the business.

Don’t just stay at home and watch tv! If you like to stay at home then get online marketing skills and still make some money while at home.

Don’t get married or have kids because you are getting old. Get married/have kids for the right reasons and have something that brings you an income before you think of marriage or having kids.


You have the skills, capabilities, strength and knowledge to be who and what you want to be. Think in the MONEY, POWER and IMPACT directions.
Let the negative be used to bring out the positive.



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