What do you do when your unique talent is known and appreciated by only a few people?

Answer; join the masses, become a sell-out and later use the new fame and large following to sell in your art. This is what EL did by joining the Azonto trend where he achieved massive success (partly because of his versatility) and later reintroduced himself as the ‘Best African Rapper’ (BAR).In his latest upgrade – BAR II, EL has proven to be not only the prodigy that he is but one of the most creative rappers to ever come out of Africa.

The Intro literally blew me off my seat after I realised he writes songs on his iPhone with his eyes closed. Damn, who does that? Even Stevie Wonder couldn’t do that. But don’t take it literally; this is about his flawlessness in the art.

Next E.L went on a nationwide tour, visiting virtually every major town in Ghana just to pay homage to them. Started with The Capital, took it Up North to Bolgatanga (my city) before going back to the western part of the coastal region and then to Koforidua and its towns: am talking about the Skit – Wossop.

King Without a Crown’. Is that supposed to be a virtual king? This is the kinda title that is likened to Nas’s Illmatic. Safe to say it is to reaffirm the fact that he is the Best African Rapper. Next to that, tells you how authentic a lyricist he is. Walking on fire and never getting burnt.

But wait is he a narcissist or a consultant? Ten Commandments is a must-listen for every rapper or musicians in general. This song alone needs an in-depth review. Big Ups to Elorm!

Here we are sounds dope with special shouts outs to Gemini, PY, C-Real and the Skillion brothers. Work it didn’t really work me. Maybe it’s because I listened to it before the album was released. Still dope lyrics With Dex and C-real. E.L addressed the Nation touching on corruption, tribalism, misplaced priorities among others. It is really a state of the nation address. He really brought fire this second round of BAR, switching up his game. Recognize Ali also did his verse perfectly. They both spoke about their startup at Skillions, waiting for DJs to play their songs and all that, so they had to switch the style up and BARII is the product of that.

The Cross, my personal favourite: He talks about the mantle that he has placed on himself. Young kids looking up to him and the expectations his fans demand from him which make him sometimes get the thoughts of quitting rap. The sample of GrandPapa pouring his heart out for Him is a great feeling. But Gemini touched my heart, made me all emotional as Eminem did to Dre about his accident. Lord have Mercy, Bless your Child more!! All Black, Best Shape, 16 Bars, Pop Champaign and We no da hear are all dope. But I ‘ll fast forward to my concluding remarks as he delivers unity with various artistes in the industry. I wish he added Soorebia to the list.

E.L is a prodigy, a real Master of Ceremony, one who knows the art as he owns it. Wait let’s not forget his business aspect. Listen to 10 Commandment and you ll understand.



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