The Savannah Lifestyle Art and Fashion awards took place last weekend in Tamale. The event which sought to awards deserving fashion icons, artists, and actors in the art and fashion industry saw lots of people coming all over Ghana to witness the event. Below is the full list winners.

Best Female Model- Presented a female model who has advanced in runway or photo modeling.

  • Ikma Titiaka
  • Bakari Winifred (Winner)
  • Irene Konlan
  • Kuulabio Comfort
  • Ayisha Mohammed
  • Awal Memuna
  • Antoinette Azuma
  • Esther Kyere
  • Franklina Amoro
  • Sandrah Affah
  • Portia Danlugu
  • Audrey Awentimi
  • Felica Mahama
  • Benua Nmaah

Best Male Model- Presented a male model who has advanced in runway or photo modeling.

  • Haruna Zulka
  • Kudos Yabdoo
  • Osman Razak alem
  • Majeed Machele (WINNER)
  • Victor Agwakoba
  • Archer Eric
  • Mubarik Ayambila
  • Owura Kaakyire

 Best Stylist- Presented to an individual that has coordinated the styling of men and women’s clothing

  • Dadzie Aikins (WINNER)
  • Anatu Aloba

Best make-up artist- Presented to a make-up artist who specializes in commercial style make up for weddings, catalog, print, and everyday wear

  • Saira Ayarna- Heartbeat Beauty Parlour
  • Esther Kyere- Dainty Looks
  • Fadila Alhassan – Faddyluv MakeOvers (WINNER)
  • Abigail Owusu Ansah – Facevile
  • Abochi Alia – Abochi’s Facebeat

 Best Photographer – Preented to a photographer that specializes in genre of fashion, commercial or related photography

  • Abdul Hameed Photography(WINNER)
  • Kwesi Hassan Photography
  • Buta Photography
  • Nii Adumah
  • Captured Photography
  • Joseph Nyaaba Photography
  • Nuels Photography

Best Fashion Designer – Presented to an individual who specializes in creating ready to wear clothes

  • Nana Kyei- Wear Nation Clothing
  • Dadzie Aikins – Snikia Newluk
  • Abdul Kadir – Kadr Clothing (WINNER)

Best Fashion brand – Presented to a fashion brand that has recorded commercial success, strong product offer and a good relationship with the public

  • Snikia Newluk
  • Wear Nation Clothing(WINNER)
  • Kadr Clothing
  • Afro Smock
  • Nkpa Afrique
  • Navro Clothline

Male Fashion Icon – Presented to an individual with an outstanding sense of style

  • Kudos Yabdoo
  • Ahmed Mukadas Ibn Salis (WINNER)
  • Owura Kaakyire
  • Haruna Zulka

Female Fashion Icon – Presented to an individual with an outstanding sense of style

  • Huzeifa Adams Mahama
  • Patience Azure
  • Felica Mahama (WINNER)

Best Fine artist – Presented to an outstanding artist

  • Prince Nii Okai Attoh
  • Jalil Issah
  • Kamil Estrada(WINNER)

Best event house – Presented to an event organizing house that has organized

  • Mega4ce Innovations
  • Hyperlink Entertainment (WINNER)
  • Savannah Lifestyle

Best poet (written and spoken) – Presented to a creative writer or performer in the Savannah who has achieved significant success and recognition

  • Zakaria Abdul Hakim
  • Gombila The poet(WINNER)
  • Ewura the poet

Best graphic designer – Presented to a graphic designer that has made a significant impact in art and fashion

  • Mohammed May (WINNER)
  • Nemesis Yvex

Best model agency- Presented a model agency that has registered significant effort to promote modeling and fashion in the savannah zone

  • Rayaz Model Agency
  • Versatile Model Agency (WINNER)
  • Sylva Lining Model Agency
  • Malex Model Agency

Best Fashion accessories maker – Presented to an outstanding fashion accessory maker

  • Bekura Fashion (WINNER)
  • Nkpa Afrique


Fashion blogger – Individual/group with an updated fashion news and updates and good social media following

  • Savannah Lifestyle
  • Sivormey Jude- North Alive
  • Abdul Rafiu- Sanatu Zambang (WINNER)

Art and Fashion impact award – Presented to individual/group that has a significant social impact on the community

  • Wear Nation Foundation
  • IK Foundation (WINNER)
  • Song-ba Empowerment Center




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