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“Get people who understands English to interpret common English to you”-Prumas Board Chairman to Upper West musicians & Industry players.

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Following the press release on the 18th November 2019 by Progress upper west music awards, the board chairman, Mr.Muniru Ibrahim has cleared the air on wrong interpretation on the press release circulating especially on social media about the statement made in the later part of the press release.

Speaking to the board chairman of Prumas on E-Hub on GBC Radio Upper West Hosted by Ike, he said a lot of wrong meaning was read into the press release casting empty blames on the scheme for pronouncing the winners of the various categories in 2018 especially artiste of the year to be the artistes of the year 2019.

Muniru Ibrahim (Prumas Board Chairman)

He cleared the air that the press release never mentioned that in anywhere, adding that Prumas only said the artiste of the year 2018 is still recognized as the Artiste of the year.

He said one can congratulate the artiste of the year 2018 still being recognized as artiste of the year in the year under review and haven’t handed over the mantle, Artiste of the year he said is still the artiste of the year for the year under review.

He stated clearly and disclaiming the claims on social media and other communication outlets that Prumas has not declared anybody as 2019 artiste of the year.

“I think our musicians and management has to employ people that speaks and understands English to always interpret for them to avoid reading wrong meanings to simply English” He said.

Prumas press release

After the press release, saw many industry players and PROs to musicians throwing jabs on each other claiming the win of some categories in Prumas 2018 on a row.

He finally cautioned Musicians and industry players who rain insults on him to desist or face the worst part of him adding that Prumas is a board not an individual hence no musician or industry player should insult him or tag him as Prumas, he said he is open to answer any questions relating to Prumas as Prumas board chairman if anybody approaches him.

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