Ghanaian Culture on the Runway – BatakariGh sets fashion trend



In the wake of recent times, many fashion homes have sprang up in Ghana especially – most of them focusing on exploiting the traditional African print textiles. Abrantie, Pistis et al are just a few on the list and Batakari_gh is no exception either.

Batakari_gh established by two great friends Gideon and Joyce, who hail from the Northern part of Ghana saw potential in the traditional hand woven fabric. Popularly called smock, people from northern Ghana will rather call it “fugu or mo)’tann3”. Primarily because it can be used in making any other apparel other than the world Wide known smock.
Over the years the traditional smock which was only known to be worn for special occasions or ceremonially. Same cannot be said lately. Batakari_gh has defied the odds, transforming these indigenous hand crafted patterns into trendy outfits. They have redefined Batakari, making it even more appealing and comfortable – hence an everyday wear.

Batakari which officially rolled out in September 2015 has already made a name for itself ,they have within this period produced and supplied over 1000 designs all over the country with just a needle and thread in hand. They pride themselves in quality products and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Batakari has so far outdoored two collections since its inception – Roots by Batakari and Native by Batakari respectively. Based in Accra, their collections have spread all over the country and beyond! Batakari currently boast of a near 10,000 social media following. Their online gallery is a glimpse to behold. Look them up on Facebook with the name tag BATAKARI and on Instagram as Batakari_gh.

For your latest, fashionable and trendy traditional apparel needs for all occassions, ranging from the weddings to the parties to the casual dates outfits, do not hesitate to hook up with Batakari. They will definitely get you covered!
Below are some of their designs:
Order on 0206637729/0244537888 or by email on
Below are some of their design

batakari batakari-1 batakari-2 batakari-4 batakari-5 batakari-6 batakari-7 batakari-8 batakari-9 batakari-10


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