With a mission of building an international coalition of artists across the African Diaspora to accelerate the ongoing global Afrobeat revolution, Ghanaian music duo Isolirium teamed up with Zimbabwean Hip Hop Afro beat sensation Alchemy to create a global masterpiece that is breaking boundaries and uniting afrobeat music lovers.

The song titled Tequila (Zunguzika) is a product of Alchemist that came about when Isolirium in the quest to expand on their vision of developing a worldwide creative coalition across the African diaspora, visited Zimbabwe. The three artistes bonded instantly because of shared visions and went ahead to record two singles in Zimbabwe. The first song being the song under discussion was released last month is making massive inroads to uniting a creative African diaspora.

Alchemy TheBigDawg is a Hip Hop/Afro beats star who has dominated Zimbabwean music scene for some time now. He has released several Chart topping singles including Despacito shona Remix, and DJ-Tamuka produced club banger Skiri Moto.

His collaborator – Isolirium is a Hip Hop/R&B/Afrobeat music group made up of Dr. Pushkin and Ataman Nikita. Ghanaian-Russian brothers with roots in Bolgatanga (Ghana) and Rostov-on-Don (Russia) have travelled worldwide and have been influenced by the different world cultures as well as their roots.

Dr. Pushkin is a thematic hip hop purist, mixing mind-bending metaphors and puns with infectious beats to simultaneously educate and entertain. Whilst Ataman Nikita is the vocalist of the group and provides melodic impact with soulful notes and a wide key range. Despite his vocal prowess, Ataman Nikita shines when rapping with tongue-twisting deliveries in various songs like “Terminal Velocity” and “How Can I”. As a musical Act, Isolirium strives to unite musical genres and instruments in an eclectic mix that allows artists and listeners to cross boundaries between cultures and other social constructs via music. 

Listen to Tequila (Zunguzika) below.


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