Worlasi is Changing the sound of Ghana’s Music


I will not pretend with my fingers that Worlasi is my favorite Rapper/Artiste in Ghana, at least not when there is a Soorebia, a M.anifest or FOKN Boys. But when my friend from Germany sent me BlackMan by Worlasi after he had asked me to give him my best 10 African Rap artistes which I failed to include Worlasi, it took me less than 10 minutes to download Nus3 mixtape with MTN (edge). It was already time for break so I spent half of my break time listening to song after song until I was done with Unlooking and Wake Orp.

Like a student who rose past his professors, Worlasi is like a product of Fokn boys, M.anifest and Sarkodie: With his deep philosophies, world play and melodious voice, he is as though he was nurtured by These Three (sorry four) musical heavy weights. His lines in wake Orp where he spoke about learning pidgin from Wanlov and Mensah (FOKN Bois) alludes to this assertion.

But unlike them Worlasi isn’t controversial in his music, neither is he targeting the elite nor joining popular trend to be successful. He has created a new sound, a new voice defying popular trends and taking a risk with his art. There is no doubt it is because of his rare talent that landed him on two songs in M.anifests No Where Cool plus a feature on 100 percent which was released somewhere last month.

I have decided to stop here and continue another day. Watch One Life ft. Sena Dagadu and Six Strings below


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