How Monkeys welcome Tourists to the Mole National Park


How Monkeys at welcome Tourists to the Mole National Park.

The Mole National Park is the largest game reserve in Ghana and covers 4,912km square of land. It is home to over 1000 species and is the premiere tourism location in the northern part of the country.

Mole has attracted tourists within Ghana and from European and other western countries. The Mole Hotel and Zaina Lodge provide visitors with affordable and luxurious accommodation facilities.

I have been to Mole three times, usually in the afternoon, and have always enjoyed my stay at the park. From the safari to the night relaxation in a faraway forest is the most memorable experience one could ever have.

However, during my last visit to Mole, this time, in the morning. something spectacular happened; The monkeys ushered my car in to the park. check out the amateur pictures captured by phone below.


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