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I Know you are not as “Clueless” and “Helpless” as our MCE- Journalist Pens Down Letter to Tangoba Abayage

The people of Upper East and for that matter the Bolgatanga Municipality do not only have to bear the unseeminly high cost of living, the sight of bad roads tokens can make you gnash every morning.

Major roads in the Municipality are wearing off making it very unmotorable and if you take the risk to ply the roads, the Mechanic shop should be your resort at least three times a week.

From Social media pressure to demonstrations have all presumably fell on death ears. Even petitions are gathering dust on tables of leaders in the Upper East region.

A very commanding voice and a journalist in the Upper East region, Azongo Albert has pennned down a lengthy letter to the regional Minister Madam Tangoba Abayage and the “Clueless ” Municipal Chief Executive Joseph Amiyuure.

A very frustrated Albert Azongo wrote to the regional Minister for a portion on the commercial street to patched sometime ago and will he hoping his message gets the necessary attention by reactive Tongoba Abayage.

Read his Letter below

Dear Tangoba Abayage,

Good morning. I trust you are fine especially following your recent tour of the region this week. I noticed you had a lot to inspect and be proud of in relation to ongoing works in the various districts/municipalities.

Though it is just morning and I just woke up while still in bed, am a very angry man as if someone fought me in my sleep last night. No one actually did, am angry at the state of the a principal road in our Regional Capital Bolgatanga. Am angry at the damage caused our cars and motorbikes due to the terrible nature of this town road. Am angry at the inconvenience and risk road users are exposed to in an attempt to meander and navigate through the potholes-ridden road in the heart of Bolgatanga.

This is the main township road connecting to Zuarungu and Bawku. It is virtually impossible to avoid using this road if anyone is entering the central business district of Bolgatanga.

Last year at this same time, journalists, media houses and residents had to virtually wage war before the potholes were patched by the urban roads department.

Unfortunately we are back here again. We have virtually received more than enough explanations and information about why this road is still the way it is. We don’t need those explanations again. Yes. It is part of the stretch to be constructed by Queiroz Galvao, we know. It falls under Ghana Highways Authority, we know. The road has lost its elasticity for patching. In fact the Urban Roads Regional boss who is now my paddy paddy as a result of the pressure I give him in my line of work told me one time that “Mr Azongo, that road is finished, in fact it is expired in simple terms”. He obviously wanted me to appreciate that the road is now resistant to patching and the best way out is total scarification, earthworks and resurfacing.

I have had to write this ‘Love letter’ to you because I know you like to pride yourself and preside over a beautiful Regional Capital with beautiful roads and happy people. This road is a disgrace and a scar on the minds of the people of Bolga.

I know you have initiative and can be innovative around many issues. Can you please do something immediately about this road. Am not sure we should throw our hands in despair and wait for Queiroz Galvao to reach this portion of the over 100km stretch.

My checks at Urban roads reveals that all matters relating to that stretch have been handed over to the Highways Authority. Meaning, urban roads is not in a position to do anything about it. What we don’t know is whether the GHA has any interim plans.

Madam, I know you are not like others like our MCE who has always appeared clueless and helpless on many issues affecting residents of Bolgatanga. Creating an access route to an area and discharging a filled waste container in Tanzui-SDA has become a big deal for our MCE. Our engagements with him on matters of roads in the municipality has been the most appalling.

I trust you know what to do in this regard. Let me however give an unsolicited suggestion to you to kindly use your good office and engage all stakeholders including Queiroz Galvao to in the meantime save this situation while zooming in major works. Even if it would mean scarifying the road to clear the potholes while we ride and drive on a smooth untarred road temporarily, am for it. Enough is enough!! We deserve better!!

Sincerely Yours
Livid Road User.


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