Some members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Jirapa Constituency have petitioned President Akufo-Addo to terminate the appointment of the MCE of Jirapa, Mrs Christine Bombanye-Amadu.

The Deputy Constituency Secretary to the Party, Tanye Collins who read the petition asking for the removal of the MCE, accused her of looting the assembly and starving the whole municipality of development for her personal gains. Mr Tanye indicated that the MCE awards contracts which benefit people outside the municipality who are her friends and close relatives without considering the interest of the party or giving information to the party for deliberations.

Our Correspondent Dennis Bebane filed a report that, In April 2018, members of the Jirapa Municipal Assembly had issues with the Municipal Chief Executive, Christine Bombanye-Amadu, saying she was misusing the Assembly’s resources and being arrogant and disrespectful to them. The MCE they alleged awarded a renovation and furnishing of her bungalow contract to the Current NDC Regional Chairman, Mr. Bonas and spent 175868 Ghana cedis without the assembly’s approval.

The MCE was again accused of awarding a contract on 25th June, 2017 for the construction of a three unit classroom block at Mwankuri-Chachaa but no such contract was awarded on that date and yet the MCE made a payment of 169, thousand 799 Ghana cedis in respect of that non-existent contract without the assembly’s approval. The Deputy Secretary to the party in the Jirapa constituency Tanye Collins said the demonstration is a follow up to their earlier petition.
His Excellency the President of the republic of Ghana Nana Akufo Addo, honourable Paul Derigubah Parliamentary Candidate for Jirapa Constituency we are gathered here to peacefully demonstrate about our concerns regard to the continue stay in office of Christine Bombanye-Amandu as the Municipal Chief Executive of Jirapa”.

This is a follow up on a petitioned for her removal from Office we sent to the President through the Regional Minister and the Regional Chairman of our great Party NPP. Mr President you can see the crow the former security coordinator is here, the party chairman of council of elders mr Bayor Gasper is here, the constituency chairman is here, first vice chairman is here, and all other executives are here it is not for nothing that we are asking for her appointment to be terminated we pray that Mr President that you will listen to our concerns” Mr Tanye stated.
He said because of her case with some assembly members, the party currently faces challenges meeting chiefs and their community members. This he said is bad and will affect the party in the general elections if action is not taken immediately.

The Constituency chairman of the party, Justine Dakurah who was also a former DCE of Jirapa indicated that the MCE, Christine Bombanye-Amandu is currently in bed with the NDC Parliamentary Candidate, Cletus Dapilah and she is campaigning for him.
“It is very clear that the MCE is working in hand, and hand with the present NDC Parliamentary candidate, before the primaries the NDC parliamentary candidate was campaigning for the MCE and vice versa and after the loss of the MCE, then you realize that they are like bird fellow she came to Konzokala that is the NDC constituency deputy organizer and at a rely tell the people to vote for an NDC Organizer to be assembly member that is fair. She even told us clear before the primaries at a rally that if she did not win she was not ready to work for Paul Derigubah.
If was humble we would work with but once she has become so pompous and so arrogant we cannot”.

Mr Dakurah said despite the communiqué from the party to all candidates who contested during the Orphans Constituencies Primaries to restrain from media interviews in respect of their primaries but use the party’s structures, Christine Bombanye-Amadu defied that order and spoke against the Parliamentary Candidate elect, Hon. Paul Derigubah on a radio Staion in the Nadowli-Kaleo District. The party gave President Akufo Addo three weeks ultimatum to respond to their petition.

Jirapa NPP demonstrating

Story: Bebane Dennis



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