After the controversial tape take got Rockson Bukari former Upper East minister sacked, Edward Adeti Star fm reporter has hinted of another mind blowing expose that will get some officials at the Attorney Generals Department implicated and others vindicated.

According to him, there’s more rot at that department which seems to be hideouts for criminals who are caught by law.

Edward Adeti also mentioned the Ghana Police Serive who apprehend perpetrators f crimes but are thought by the Attorney Generals Department about how to escape trial and sentence.

Last week, I spoke about some aching rot at the Attorney-General’s Department in the Upper East Region. This is the most powerful office in the region, mightier than the office of the Regional Minister. That office has become a hideout for notorious criminals and corrupt elements of affluence and influence.

Nobody is safe in this region including you reading this post. Your life, the lives of your loved ones and all the things you have toiled for are not safe because of the evil goings-on inside that office. Anybody can claim your life or your property and win the case in court against you because he or she has what it takes (cash) to buy justice at the Attorney-General’s Department.

Crime suspects are CAUGHT by the police but they are TAUGHT by the Attorney-General’s Department how to escape trial and sentence. They commit violent crimes, pay cash for justice at the Attorney-General’s Department and, then, they are free to kill and maim their next victims.

You, or somebody you so much love, could be their next victim, I tell you. They have money to buy justice at that department and, for that matter, can to continue to rob, rape and kill anyone they target or chance upon. The human life has no meaning anymore because of cash at a law office established to protect the interests of the state and the citizenry.

A documentary will air this week on the television, and it will be online and on the radio. An official of a high status is involved. No two ways about it; he will lose his job— and some other greedy officials, too.

The risk involved in this one is higher than the aftermath of the Rockson-Bukari Scandal. I anticipate the notorious lawbreakers, the white-collar thieves and the executive criminals, who benefit from the Attorney-General’s Department as their refuge, will unleash some rascals after me. I may be cautious, but I lost my sense of fear many years ago. That is why I will not stop doing what I am known for.

The evil they do to humanity must be exposed to protect the poor. If that most sensitive office is not exposed, everything else being done to protect lives and to develop the region and, by extension, the country, is meaningless. Until you taste injustice much, you might not appreciate the fight for justice much. This documentary, starting with a trailer, will vindicate some officials, and will implicate some, too.

According he is prepared for the risk that super exceeds that of the Rockson Bukari scandal.

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