The original Monogram Admiral Jacket according to Louis Vuitton website is $6,550.00 equivalent to Ghc37,000.

How expensive it is will make you have different thoughts of acquiring the jacket.

Ideally, you must be financially sound to spend such a whooping fortune on a designer jacket.

Nigerian music star Wizkid was the only visible celebrity who bought the jacket and wore it on a runway in Italy. He subsequently performed in the jacket on several occasions.

Meanwhile, Ghanaian afrobeat sensation Kelvynboy appears to have purchased the expensive jacket but not without scrutiny.

In a post on Instagram, the ”Mea” singer posed beautifully in the jacket enticing numerous comments. Most of the comments sought to question the genuine of the jacket.

Popular amongst the comments are from famous showbiz commentator Achipalago. He takes on Kelvynboy for allegedly wearing a fake jacket.

Kelvynboy appears to have premeditated his actions and the intention was to get people talking. Mission accomplished.



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