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Let’s stops embarrassing ourselves over Guinea fowl and tricycles ,Executive Director of NOPRA urges northerners

The Executive Director of the Northern Patriots in Research and Advocacy (NOPRA) Bismark Adongo Ayorogo has urged all people of Northern descend to put an end to actions that brings disgrace to the northern regions.

According to him, these activities are moving from bad to worse. He expected the northern Parliamentary caucus to champion the course in bringing an end to such scandals bedeviling enterprises for the people of the North. Sadly not much is heard from them.

Speaking on the PM Show on Yem FM monitored by a visibly incensed Mr. Ayorogo also outlined steps he will be taking including meeting with the leadership of the caucus and further chiefs to see what needs to be done.

We will be reaching out to this caucus to see what needs to be done. We will not also hesitate to get back to the chiefs to see if we can get them to the President and have detailed discussions with him to review the 3-year government of the country and management of the economy. Are they really delivering the goods to the ordinary people particular from this part of the country? Its shame. It’s moving from bad to worse. We are getting embarrassed”.

He further appealed to the government to ensure those indicted are prosecuted.

The leadership of the Northern Development Authority (NDA) is unable to account for over 400 tricycles they inherited from SADA. This has brought discussions and comparisons with the missing guinea fowls.


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