M.Anifest Teases Fans with the Track-List of Readied “Nowhere cool” Album


Although the release date for M.anifest’s “Nowhere cool” Album has not been confirmed, the multiple award-winning Ghanaian rapper posted an image of the list of songs on his much talked about “Nowhere Cool” album.

They wereNever Ready……. NowhereCool.Done….⏳”

However, Followers and fans didn’t get to see the entire track-list as most part of it was blurred out.

mani-album-listThis will be his Fifth album after Apae: the price of free EP, Immigrant Chronicles: Coming to America, The Birds and the Beats (Free Mixtape) and Manifestations.

The “Someway Bi” star has already released 3 major singles so far this year which includes godMc and 100 percent with Worlasi.



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