Mad Beats gets recognition on Magraheb 99 bars.


It’s good news how young talent from upper west region are selling their talents through all the entertainment platform globally


MADAH WIISIKANDE SAAQIB aka MadBeats a renowned sound Engineer in the upper west region has been recognized as one of the best sound engineers who has produced free beats for the program.
among the numerous beats sent by various sound engineers from other regions, the rappers chose that of MadBeats as best and was used for the show.

The TV host sends a very warming shout out to MadBeats in the video expressing how grateful he is to MadBeats for showing his talent and making the program successful.

Check the link below, it happened in the 27th minute of the Show.

Magraheb 99 Bars is is a show to give underground talents the chance to let out their talents which is focused on Rap which aim at selling those talents worldwide.


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