Manifest shades Sarkodie for calling on Creative Artistes to do free work for him


Sarkodie recently called on creative artistes and Avant Garde hipters to submit their concepts and fashion pictures to a music video director working on his video. He tweeted that they will not be paid but would get promo and exposure in return.

This post received a lot of backlash from followers who thought Sarkodie at his level should not want free service from creative artistes who are aslo struggling to make it.

Manifest in a tweet threw shade at sarkodie for wanting the free service by tweeting a a link of his Waniaba video with the hashtags #afrotourism (afro tourism) #paidfor (paidfor) #ifyouwantexposure (if you want exposure) #cometosingitdamitmusic (come to sing it damit music).

We all know the histroy between the two rap heavyweights, could manifest’s tweet be a reply to Sarkodie? be your own judge.


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