Some religions frown upon masturbation and and sex without marriage. Aside that, many health care practitioners have came out to state the health benefits of the act.

Masturbation is the stimulation of one’s genital part for sexual satisfaction and mist at times, to the point of orgasm. Those who indulge in the act give varying reasons for it.

Many claim the lack of sexual partners and spiritual connotations attached.

Dr. Jerry Pappoe a health practitioner has said masturbation is a basic need so as is sex but becomes problematic if it becomes an addiction.

He spoke on Zylofon Fm in Accra monitored by

“It becomes evil based on the lens at which we look at it, it’s evil because Africans are religious but from a medical point of view, its a healthy practice and it becomes a problem when one gets addicted to it, masturbation is a basic need”


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