Meet Rockcity, The Hottest Music Group from Northern Ghana Right Now


“Rockcity” is a group of Kurt, Joe Milz, Teerz and Leflex; four, intelligent, energetic and determined young men who are prepared to put in every available effort to put Upper East on the map in terms of music and creative ideas. Their music is usually a blend of their native tongue ,Gurune, and English, mostly “Pidgin”, and sometimes interlaced with other local languages. Anytime you listen to their songs, be assured of lyrics with deep content ranging from proverbs and wise sayings interspersed with humour.

Their genre of music is Afropop, but the group has shown potential of being versatile in the future in terms of genre of music. The “Typical Bongo Boys”, as they are sometimes called, have a lot of hit tracks to their credit. Their first hit single, “Sagl3”, kept both the young and old on their dancing feet for almost two years and seems unlikely to be forgotten anytime soon as fans still go berserk anytime it is played. To top up the excitement, they released another single titled “Beer”, which they featured Lil John, aka Bestbeats. The single is currently the song controlling the airwaves in the region. They have other tracks to their credit which include, Bolga Girls, Backpass, Bunla, Rockcity Shh, among others. All these tracks were produced by BestBeats, the “brainbox” of creative beats.

The “Sagl3 Boys” have headlined major shows in the region including the Republic Day Bash, Kiimakina Concert, Sallah Fest, among others. The group has been nominated in several categories in the maiden edition of the Upper East Music Awards. They are under the lable, The Rockcity Empire, and their fans are affectionately called “Rockcitizens”. The “Sagl3” hit makers, who are in their late-twenties, are a group of calm but frolicsome young men, and love to hang out together during their leisure time. The next time you hear “Rockcity”, Just respond “Sagl3”

Writen By: Fred Baada


  1. I cannot express how I feel when I got your songs from my junior
    back at senior high sch.ur music content is excellent especially for those of us away from home. I promise to work with my DJ friend at von fm in upper west to promote ur music. Proudly a ROCKCITIZEN

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