Home News More than six shops consumed by fire in Wa.

More than six shops consumed by fire in Wa.

Fire outbreak has burned down over six containers(shops) in Dondoli a suburb of Wa in the upper region. The six shops that sell building materials including cements, roofing sheets and other provisions got burned today 12th February, 2020 around 9:30am.

Fire outbreak in Wa

The fire is believed to have started from the back of the shops where some unwanted woods and other materials are dumped by a contractor building the Wa sports complex.

Yunus Issah, an eye witnner said “ the fire started from the wood packed by the contractor. “At the earlier stage we tried calling the Ghana Fire Service but couldn’t reach them. I finally have to pick a friend on my motor bike to report the matter to the fire service. Before they could arrived the fire had escalated “.

The fire men who arrived at the scene fought the fire but later run out of water and called for reenforcement from the the office. It took the Ghana Fire Service long time to bring the fire under control because they needed to travel far to pump water.
The PRO for the Ghana Fire Service in the region, Martin Bakobie, told that though the exact caused of the fire is unknown some thing must have triggered the fire. “Someone has inversely introduce some form of ignition, as to what the person did to bring bout the fire cannot be determined now. But it’s obvious this is as a result of negligence”

Mr. Martin pleaded on authorities to make sure fire hydrants are located at strategic areas to aid cases of such nature as fire fighters had to go at a far distance to get water.

Ephraim Siekanye and Lawrence Kunta Nebadar reports.


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