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MTN “Save a Life” Blood donation Campaign” Receives 371 Pints of Blood in UWR.

The MTN Ghana Foundation has collected 371 pints of blood at its 9th annual “Save a Life” blood donation campaign in the Upper West Region.

The annual exercise gives staff of MTN, trade partners and the public the opportunity to show love on Valentine’s Day by donating a pint of blood to help stock various blood banks across the country.
The Upper West Regional Territories Sales Controller of MTN Ghana, Kofi Owusu speaking on the sidelines of the exercise explained that as part of its corperate social responsibility, MTN Ghana committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the Ghanaians.
He expressed hope that the exercise will contribute significantly to reduce maternal mortality as there are evidence of direct correlation between the availability of blood and maternal mortality.

The World Health Organization estimates that one to three per cent of the world’s population needs to donate blood to address the shortage of blood globally.
This year’s blood donation exercise had 3 bleeding centers in the Upper West Region including the Lawra, Jirapa and Wa Municipalities.
The Sales Controller, Kofi Owusu described the exercise dubbed “MTN’s Save a Life Campaign” as not only a relief to the hospitals but also to patients who are compelled on daily basis to resort to family and friends for their blood needs.

“Largely 14th Feburary is a day considered to show love but at MTN is also a day we have set aside to safe thousands of lives. Only few drop of blood can give someone a second chance live.
“Save a life project” is exclusive event on valentine’s day as today by MTN Ghana Foundation to sensitize and encourage voluntary blood donation to stock blood banks across the country”.
Mr Owusu explained.

Commenting on the blood donation campaign, he said the exercise was a huge success due to the support received from all partners and blood donors across the country.
Mr Owusu noted that human capital is important to the development of the country.
A Donor Jihad Dapilah who spoke to Radio Ghana said he do not know when he may be in emergency situation at the hospital for blood and the need to donate the blood to support the national blood bank.
“I don’t know the day I may fall victim of blood shortage in my system and will had to rely on some blood to survive so is very important I donate” he added.
Yahaya Mugis recalled how she witness a patient struggles for blood in a hospital and that motivated her to also donate her blood.
The MTN Ghana Foundation instituted the annual blood donation exercise, dubbed “Save a Life” campaign, in 2011 to help in restocking of selected blood banks.
Last year MTN raised 4,449 pints of blood exceeding its target of 3,500 pints.
Since the inception of the exercise, 14,000 pints of blood had been donated to support the national blood bank and some other regional hospitals.

Story : Dennis Bebane


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