The former parliamentary candidate for the Bolgatanga central constituency, Rex Simeon Atareyella Asanga has said that Ex president John Kufour preferred him as a deputy regional minister for the Upper East region in his government.
But he believes members from the Npp at that time had their own preferred candidate and therefore prevented the then president’s request from getting to him.

Rex Asanga contested Isaac Adongo in the 2016 general elections but lost by over Ten thousand votes(10,000), but describes his performance as the best considering previous performance of the NPP at the polls.
He said because he contested Agambilla at the time, ex president John Kufour requested and asked of his whereabouts but never got to know until a substantive deputy regional minister was appointed.
He said this was deliberate act from his own people who were pushing for another person to be appointment.

“..he(John Kufour) sent several people to look for me and nobody really came to look for me and I’m sure they sent messages that they didn’t find me. It was deliberate, people had other they preferred so Kufour was looking for me,where is that guy who contested Agambilla. He wanted me as deputy regional minister for the Upper east region…Kufour said I water you to go with him,I ve sent people to look for me but nobdy did…”

He further revealed that he hind of it when the president came to inaugurate a project at the Bolgatanga polytechnic. It was only a friend who told Mr. Kufour he was the one the president was looking for. He was an assembly menber for the people of sumbrungu during that time.

In the current Akuffo Addo government, Mr.Rex Asanga hopes he gets an appointment before their end of tenure. But never feels neglected and thinks the right time will come



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