When a group of teenagers try to make sense of the world and work out better means to live, they are faced with life’s difficult challenges of survival, social standing and diversity.

From Northside TV series production comes the Northside: Welcome to the other side” a new TV series which follows the lives of young Ghanaians growing up in a complex Society and how they must assimilate to life in the city of Tamale.

Northside is set to premiere on Saturday 12 October at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. at Modern City Hotel.

The executive director, Nana Kwesi Adjei describes the series as a glimpse into the real life events of teenagers in the North.

As the series introduces several characters, it becomes clear that everyone reacts and processes life situations differently.

“The show examines the broader question of how life in the North is”, project manager Reymond Tang explains.

This series is produced by Northside tv series production in partnership with Colourbash Limited, Modern City Hotel, Captured Studios and Big Time Entertainment.

Tickets are available at 50 Ghana cedis VIP and 30 Ghana cedis standard at Modern City Hotel, Quality First supermarket and on delivery.

For more information please contact;

05061 53778 / 05411 81642

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IG: northsidetvseries

YouTube: Northside TV Series.


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