No more kiosk, miLotto App takes lotto to your smartphones


The digital revolution is catching up with all activities. A new form of lottery makes it easy for people to stake lotto on their smartphones  for just 3 cedis and win up to 2000 Cedis Daily.
There is no need for the embarrassing trip to the Lottery vendor kiosk anymore. You can comfortably stake from your phone directly with no hassle.

RULES for miLotto 
1. Staking more than 5 numbers will have you disqualified
2. Failure to pay the stake fee will mean if you win, you will not be able to receive your Money
3. MTN Mobile Money is the only payment method supported currently.
4. You can stake as many times as possible to increase your chnaces.

The app supports only registered MTN Mobile Money numbers currently.

You can download and install it from this link: miLotto
Telegram: 0556725321


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