In the midst of back-to-back diss songs, we could not wait but to scan all the lines and crosscheck it with our Rap Plagiarism checker.

Well! Medikal’s last burial just returned with some comments and we could not wait to share it with our readers.

Do you remember ‘How Much‘ by Medikal which featured Kwesi Arthur and Ahtitude? Listen to it below in case you have forgotten. Fast foward to 2 minutes and 37 seconds time mark. Rapper Ahtitude drops a line ‘Y3 kor na mu follow, mu y3 convoy?. Now go and listen to Medikal’s last Burial, 0 Minute and 48 seconds, He raps ‘ Y3 kor na mu follow s3 convoy‘.

Could it be that Medikal stole the line from his the guy he featured on his own song or he dropped a random bar which turned out to be the same line used earlier by Ahtitude? Be your ow judge.

Medikal – last Burial (Strongman Diss)
Medikal – How Much Ft. Kwesi Arthur & Ahtitude

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