Police Officer Shot Dead by armed robbers in Malshegu-Tamale


There was a rubbery incident last night at a filling station in Malshegu in the Sagnarigu Municipality last night at about 11pm. A female police officer was also shot and killed in the process and her gun taken away.

According to an eye witness, Halik tells me the rubbers numbering three, came and parked their unregistered Hundi Elantra vehicle at the side of the road in front of his shop and stayed there for close to 2hours. They later made one of them to get down and surveyed the whole area. When they realized the filling station had closed, they moved the vehicle and rushed it on the police personnel who were then stationed there to prevent any rubbery as rubbing of filling stations became rampant in various parts of Tamale.

The two female police officers who were sitting on a bench, fell off to their back and run to safety. One of the raffles of the police fell and when she was coming back to pick it, the rubbers sensing that they may be shot, she was shot in the head killing her instantly and her gun taken away.



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