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Revealed: Lady who claimed she found wall gecko in her sobolo lied[Proof]

There’s a horrifying photo circulating about a purported wall gecko inside the bottle of Sobolo.

Hibiscus tea popularly knowned as Sobolo has been a long term thirst quencher. Across Africa this tea is highly patronised by locals and even foreign nationals who develop strong taste for it.

Rarely will you lodge or hear any complaint about Sobolo. However, a lady on Twitter is in the news as she claimed her favorite drink had a wall gecko in it. She never realized until she consumed it all.

Now, he tweet has generated mixed reactions as a section agree with her even suggesting she visits the hospital. Another school of thought believes it was staged to discredit the tea.

Here’s a tweet from a reader who gives reasons he doesn’t believe the entire story.

That’s not all, there appears to be many people claiming to have endured such ordeal. Different people are talking about it.

So who really drank the wall gecko contaminated sobolo.


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