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Review: How Explosive is the new EP by the Global Family

  • Savannah records is a viable label in Navrongo, Upper East region. Thinning out its appendages to capture endowed acts in the region and yonder.
  • Alaptawan is young enthusiastic dance-hall diva who holds the title as the Dance-hall artist of the year in Upper East
  • Possible showcases his rap aptitude that catapults him above his contenders.
  • Xylene soothes it up with his great vocal sound.
  • KobbyBeatz a producer puts the finishing touches to a family who are living in their own world.
  • They are called the GLOBAL FAMILY and the EXPLODE EP is an incredible musical piece from them.

I ordinarily do not review movies nor albums but, this extraordinary trio pooled Extended Play (EP) is a – chef-d’oeuvre that has gotten me out of my ease precinct.

Hailed as the EXPLODE EP, the trio comes up with different songs except a single they worked in partnership. They each have three songs that make up the Ten (10) EP.

Let’s begin with the first track which is actually collaboration between them in order to fragment spots without being partial.

EXPLODE featuring Alaptawan, Xylene and Possible’

This song talks ultimately about how make it out of the shantytowns and attaining dreams. Whatever it takes doesn’t really matter. It’s a dance-hall rhythmic rid-dim with all them putting out strong lyrics. Alaptawan particular was comfortable riding on the instrumentals because it was her field.

POSSIBLE- “Happiness’

There must be several reasons you should be happy. Whether doing what you are comfortable with or it must be the opposite female human creature. Possible sings about the joy a lady brings especially when together. The song is easily to grasp with on a hip-life groove.

ALAPTAWAN- “High Grade”

This is her first track on the Ep. She goes very hard on this one with a clear message pushing for the legalization of marijuana. Much attention was given to the youth as she believes it helps them to meditate. Her energy on the beat can be felt. Such a great song. Produced by Iwan and mixed by KobbyBeatz.

XYLENE-”Wo Nkoa”

He preaches the unending between lovers despite all other circumstances. Talks about his sincerity and allegiance to the relationship. It can also be put under the hip-life genre with credit going to master Kobbybeatz.

POSSIBLE featuring RAZBEN– “Woman’

After talking about happiness with a lady, Possible finally details the kind of woman he wants. He talks about he struggled to meet his woman for which he’s not let drop for anything else. Razben is featured on this mid tempo track.

XYLENE– “OPANA” featuring Teflon Flex

He exhibits his versatility with this fast tempo song. Perfect for dancing all day. The chorus too very easy to comprehend. He features Teflon Flex. He spat some serious raga which fits perfectly with the instrumental.

Alaptaan– “BAYAA”

Her second single on the E.P is BAYAA which literally means behind. The vocal goddess maintained her composure all along to deliver this. Very suitable or the party after party.


With his final project on the E.P, MY DAY is for lovers who make each day memorable for each other. Listing luxurious items, he will sacrifice for a lady.


This song is for all the game boys who are sleepless just to Confirm. He enumerates struggles they go through and the success at the end of it all. He raps in English, Twi and Kasem.


Alaptan climaxes the E. P with Bossu.On a dance-hall rhythm produces and mixed by to great producers. Azkonna and KobbyBeatz respectively. She claims supremacy over all with party in mind.


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