Rocky Dawuni releases new video for Beats of Zion


Arguably the biggest Ghanaian international music star, The Global ambassador and humanitarian activist Rocky Dawuni has released a new single (video) which is the title track for his upcoming album ‘Beats of Zion’. He also announced the album release date as March 8th, 2019.

Rocky Dawuni’s travels around the world helped shaped the new album Beats of Zion. He elaborates ‘beats of Zion was born out of my desire to use my diverse global musical influences and exposure to various traditions to paint a multi-cultural musical vision of the world that I perceive. The beginning of the year saw me visit Ethiopia and India. In Ethiopia, I visited, witnessing ancient Christian rites and my journeys in India also exposed me to its diverse spiritual culture and the shared similarities I saw in Africa.’ He adds ‘ the title Beats of zion is inspired by vision of the drumbeat of awareness and elevation of consciousness; a musical call to arms for my audience to be proactive in this day and age as to each person’s responsibility to be an active instrument for positive change.

The album was recorded in the span of almost 2 years in various studios om Accra, Nairobi and Los Angeles.

The title track and lead single, Beats of Zion came our well from the village session, but was missing something on the drum tracking. Rocky States ‘We traveled to Zanzibar for a concert shortly after the recording session. At the time, I was still wanting the full African tribal effect that I had imagined. On the eve of my concert at the amazing Sauti za Busara festival, we saw batimbo percussion Magique of Burundi mount the stage and blow the minds of everyone in the audience. I turned to my manager; Cary Sulivan who was also watching and we thought the same – ‘These are the guys for Beats of Zion. And so the story unfolded.’



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