Roots by Linann to outdoor New NORTHERN ZEBRA Collection


Trendy traditional fashion brand Roots by Linnan is set to release a new collection called Northern Zebra Collection.

The Northern Zebra collection is inspired by the unique BLACK and WHITE stripes of the Zebra and Northern because the fabrics as a trademark of the Roots by Linnan brand, are smock fabrics from the Northern Region, Upper East and Upper West Regions of Ghana.

The stripes of the Zebra are associated with harmony, balance and individuality. The blending of opposites; BLACK and WHITE teaches us how one can maintain a distinct individuality and still be in harmony with others. The zebra’s stripes connotes balanced qualities of opposing, yet  complimentary forces that enables us to see a deeper truth about ourselves and others than what meets the eye.

The collection aims at encouraging us all to identify and embrace our original selves knowing that we are all different but unique and in embracing the truth that we all can not be the same, we can live harmoniously like the black and white stripes on the Zebra. The black stripes on the Zebra does not seek the Whites stripes to be like it and vice versa, so should we be as humans.

The Northern Zebra collection seeks to inspire in us, these qualities especially in an era where we are loosing our uniqueness to be like others where as we can stand out and make impacts by just being our unique individual selves. The Northern Zebra collection inspires us to see things in clarity without filters.

The Dates for the release of these designs will be published in our subsequent posts.

Below are some collection by Roots by Linnan



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