Image Is Everything … Probably a reason why we have Photoshop and other photo editing software as well as Make up Artists. But how can one Photoshop a real life picture? A make up artiste can cover the blemishes of the face but can she/he make up your entire body?. The answer simply  is ‘No’.

In our everyday life we are constantly introduced to new cultures, new ways of doing things, which include what we wear and how we wear it. However, the big issue about what we wear has to do with comfort and suitability. We should be able to feel comfortable in what ever we put on and it should best suite the occasion in which we wear our outfits to. Remember, even in 2017, first impression still counts. sat down with Tailor Rahim – the CEO of Anafobisi Clothing to quiz him about His first fashion run-way show to be held on the 12th of August 2017 a the SSNIT house in Takoradi.

An aspiring fashion icon who has already gained recognition in Takoradi for his excellent designs, Rahim is working tirelessly around the clock to ensure his his dream comes to reality. According to the graduate of University for Professional Studies, Accra. He started sewing clothes in his bedroom. ‘ I started sewing in my bedroom. i gathered some money and purchased a sewing machine. I also got someone who knew how to sew. so together we began making clothes.’ He further explained that he has not been to a any fashion school or been an apprentice at any fashion shop or school. but he was able to learn on the job with his colleague who worked with him when he started AnafoBisi Clothing.

Formally opening his fashion studio last year, Rahim has also showcased his products in over four fashion shows in Takoradi. However, Image is Everything is his first run-way show being hosted by his clothing line. When quizzed further about how different this show would be from other shows, he told us he is showcasing products that can not be worn only on the red carpet,  but on the street and to offices. ‘ Most often we attend fashion shows and we see products that are nice to the eye, but usually those products cannot be worn by any ordinary person to his work place or on the streets. Most of it are usually for red carpets which many people feel it is a waste to buy such since they hardly go for ‘red carpet’ programs’.

Image is everything  will have other 5 designers also showcasing their products. there will also be musical performance by talented artistes from Takoradi, as well as a tall list of popular and prominent people in the fashion and showbiz circles.

By Joe Bilbod (@joebilbod)


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